Champion Road Star: For 1700 Road Star, except Warrior and Midnight Warrior Models – 1999 and up


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  • Gel-Coat (in Base Price)
  • "Zero-Flex" swing arm
  • Progressive coil-over shocks (retains OEM mono-shock)
  • High performance disc brakes
  • Custom aluminum alloy wheels and tires
  • Reinforced fiberglass body
  • All mounting hardware
  • All electrical components factory installed
  • Extra-large trunk (holds 2 full-face helmets plus over-wheel storage)


  • Overall width - 54.25"
  • Overall length - 103"
  • Overall length (w/ EZ-Steer) - 105.5"
  • Wheelbase - 68.25"
  • Wheelbase (w/ EZ-steer) - 108"
  • Load capacity - 500 lbs.
  • Brakes - high-performance rear disc
  • Tire size - P205/70/R15
  • Trunk capacity - 2 full-face helmets (plus overwheel storage)
  • Suspension - Zero-Flex swing arm plus new Progressive coil-over shock, retaining the OEM mono-shock

Kit Includes:

  • All electrical components factory installed
  • All mounting hardware
  • Complete detailed instructions
  • High performance disc brakes
  • Wheels (aluminum alloy) and mounted, balanced tires (205/70/R15)


Paint Information:

Vehicles are no longer being painted by the manufacture with a fixed color. Current paints contain variants that can occur in the mixing, application, and human process, that contribute to the difficulty of matching colors. Due to the complexity of the colors being used by the manufacturers, color matching paint of an existing product in some cases can be extremely difficult. In addition, Age of vehicle, and fading throughout the years, add to the difficulty of matching paint.

Champion Motorcycle Accessories International, Inc. takes extra steps to deliver a professional paint job that will match the existing paint however, in all of our diligence; we cannot and will not guarantee an exact color match.