Legend Side Car

Now, you and your family can enjoy the fun and excitement of touring in your sleek new CHAMPION Sidecar!

Your sidecar may be the most important after-market purchase you will ever make for your motorcycle, so it's important to get the very best from the best. CHAMPION has been recognized as the industry leader in precision engineered sidecars. Innovations like, comfort designed suspension systems, custom mounting hardware requires NO welding to motorcycle and special safety features are engineered into the design to make CHAMPION the leader that all others try to imitate.


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  • Gel coat (in base price)
  • Traditional body and fender styling
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Fully upholstered interior
  • Easy entry/exit
  • 15 Minute state-of-the-art connect/disconnect mounting hardware
  • Upholstered bucket seat
  • Progressive coil damper suspension
  • Motorcycle style tail light


Overall width (sidecar only)


Overall length


Net weight

190 lbs.

Ground clearance


Hip room


Leg room


Load capacity

450 lbs.

Tire size

MT 90-16

Motorcycle engine size

750 cc and larger

Trunk Capacity

4.5 CF


Never operate a motocycle in 2-Wheel mode that has been setup for sidecar application.    Failure to comply with this warning may result in serious injury or death.