Indian Heritage Sidecar

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Kit Pricing


  • Width 44"
  • Length 90"
  • Height 40"
  • Weight 200 lbs
  • Hip Room 24"
  • Leg Room 48"
  • Shoulder Room 22"
  • Sidecar Track 52" - 56"
  • Ground Clearance 6" approx
  • Trunk Capacity 5 cu ft
  • Load Capacity 300 lbs


Aerodynamic Body Style with Tinted Windshield. Spacious
Carpeted Cockpit. fixed upright seat. Locking Trunk.
Hinged Hatch Opens Aerodynamic Body Style with Tinted Windshield, Spacious carpeted Cockpit with upholstered arm rests, Reclining & Adjustable Bucket Seat, Side Door & Hatch Opening for Ease of Entry & Exit. Tonneau Cover, Progressive Suspension Shocks with Leading Swing Arm for Optimal Ride. Spoke Wheel, Recessed PIAA Head Light. Side Marker Light, Integrated Multi-Function Tail light, 16 x 3 Chrome Spoke Wheel with White Wall Tires, 2 inch Powder-Coated Frame, Powder-Coated Struts, Grade 8 Hardware & Fasteners
with Quick-Disconnect Hardware.