The following are emails from some of our happy Pair A Dice customers.


On Thur. (Oct 2), was the first time Marvin and I have had a chance to test out the Trike since all the work was done.

 Marvin was very pleased, loved how it was handling, purred like a kitten, and guess what no more thuds on the right side when hitting a bump.  Compliments to the mechanic!  Just wanted to drop you a line to once again say thank you for your great workmanship and that we are both very pleased with the Trike, we have a brand new trike again.

 Hope you have a great fall and winter, see you at the Bike Show in January 2015.

Once again, everything greatly appreciated that you have done for us.

 Ingrid and Marvin Williams

Two years ago, a good family friend and owner of a California Side Car (CSC) trike, introduced my wife and I to the Goldwing Cobra kit. After hearing about the comfort level and reliability of his machine as well as the outstanding support he was getting from Pair-A-Dice Trike, we decided to meet with Richard Ipsen. We were for the most part undecided about getting our Goldwing converted. After a couple of hours talking with Richard, it was his enthusiasm, confidence in, and knowledge of, the CSC line that was a determining factor for my wife and I for signing on the dotted line. He impressed us with his thorough knowledge of the CSC line and answered all the questions we had in a way easily understood by my wife and I. There are several kits available on the market today that will trike up a Goldwing, but it takes a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable technician to make the magic happen. Through our conversations with Richard it became obvious that he was all of the above and to top it off, he’s the owner. This means that as an experienced technician he ensures your ride is in tip top condition and as the owner, he can ensure excellent customer service to promote his business. As it turned out, our confidence in Richard’s knowledge and experience paid off. During the conversion process he came across several hidden problems (motorcycle related not kit related), some with the potential for catastrophic results. Richard contacted us with an update keeping us apprised of what he found. For every deficiency he brought forward he had solutions. Some decisions were no brainer. Other decision had pro’s and con’s and Richard quickly offered recommendations based his experience and knowledge. The decision was always ours to make.

From paper building and selecting options until the final reveal, we are glad we selected Richard Ipsen and Pair-A-Dice trike to carry out this conversion. Even if this experience can be nerve racking and exciting at the same time, we feel that with Richard at the helm, we will get a safe, reliable and great looking ride that we will be able to enjoy for years to come.

J&R Desaulniers

Richard always has time to see me about the trike, whether it’s just and oil & filter change first thing in the spring or hints to improve the look of the trike. The whole attitude of the shop is open & inviting.

Thanks Richard & Staff

R. Fink

I met Rick shortly after he had opened shop.  Talked with him about service work etc, he was very helpful & great to talk to. My first time dealing with him was great, did some service work, repairs & upgrades. [He] gave some great advice. I was very pleased with the work and attention to details. I have been dealing with him for 6 years now. He built my recent trike (CSC). I was again very satisfied with all work and quality of the product. I have recommended Pair-A-Dice Trikes to many people and will continue to do so. The shop is clean and well organized which is import to me as a consumer. In closing, all my experiences have been great with Rick and Pair-A-Dice Trikes and staff. I will continue to recommend Rick, the quality of work and product. Thanks again Rick.

B. Bateman

Our experience with Richard has been great right from the start. Always helpful with information and new ideas. The work Richard does in top notch and nothing goes out of his shop until it is 100% correct.

D&R Carstairs

The first time I met Richard, he was very personable and easy to talk to. He was very passionate about his work ethics. I can call and have the order in a few days.

R. Zelionka

I was pushed into the fixing of a bike because of certain circumstances, that being said, Richard looked after my first bike with baby gloves. I was completely happy with the end result. My second bike, he handled it with baby gloves also. Very, very pleased with his talent, personality and knowledge. I have recommended lots of people go to see him. Thanks again.

B. Belt